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Recumbent Tandem TWOgether

Recumbent Tandem TWOgether One
Recumbent Tandem TWOgether One

"The deed is done" a self-built tandem with a stainless steel frame (1.4571/1.4301) in a real stainless steel finish with partially glass bead blasting surface and polished lettering.

The tandem is fully suspendable and can be folded up.

When assembling and equipping with good components, I got support from http://www.bike-concept.com in Esslingen/ Germany. Thank you at this point to Marcus.

With my wife and our new recumbent tandem, we will also visit the Spezi 2013 in Germersheim, where we had taken the decision in 2012 to build a vehicle ourselves. We have been for some years normal tandem riders, drove a trial recumbent tandem at the show and were thrilled with the kind of biking.

The first big tour was in 2013 in the Tuscany and on Elba.

This meant that that my long-time sports activity (Triathlon) had to leave room for my new hobby (at least temporaly). Until now (it was) also a pleasant sport alternativ. Because the next plans are already on my mind. Therefore, I name the tandem "TWOgether One".

Finally, it should mentioned for now I build only for own personal use and on this website give only tips and experiences (positive and negative) I`d like to share with others, who also are trying to build their own recumbent tandems.