TWOgether Bike(s) - patented handbuilt-construction.

I would like to find a manufacturer (inclusive marketing)! 

Modular Bicycles - Possible Uses

You want to ride your bike alone or in pairs, you are travelling or doing sports, you are on the road for business or pleasure. Do you need a means of transport for your family, for shopping or transporting goods? Are you on your way to work or do you want to go on a world tour? All this is possible with this modular bicycle!

Recumbent - Tandem - Cargo Bike - Trike - Tandem Trike - Cargo Trike


Bike Transportation

The tandem can be separated in the middle. It is then as long as a normal bike. So it can be easily transported by car, bus, train and ship.

Pannier Rags and Transport Box

The versatile transport and luggage options can also be seen on the undersides of the converted bicycles