Recumbent Pedelec TWOgether Co.

I'm looking for manufacturers worldwide who want to aquire and market my know-how!

Specifications and additional features (Recumbent)


Application: Travelling; Short trips; Daily use


  • Overall length:                                             183  cm
  • Overall heigth:                                              102 cm
  • Seat heigth:                                                        63 cm
  • Wheelbase:                                                        123 cm
  • Bottom bracket:                                               72 cm
  • Bike Weigth:                                                 ca. 36kg (incl. 2 Akkus)
  • Turning circle:                                                2,6 m



  • Main frame (Stainless steel) - designed and patented by Karl-Heinz Eichhorn (TWOgether Bikes)
  • Hub motor for rear wheel: GO SwissDrive G25P 250W 
  • gear: Drive Technology Pinion 1.12 /46 /
  • Brake (front): Magura MT5  (Ø 80 Inch)
  • Wheel (front): HP Velotechnik - KT DB-1 20"
  • Tire (front): 62-406 20"x 2.40 Schwalbe Super Moto X 
  • Suspension fork: Suntour XCM (Range of spring: 32 Inch)
  • Handlebar: HP Scorpion fs Pedelec
  • Headset: Hase Pino
  • Stem: HP Scorpion fs Pedelec
  • Brake (rear): Magura MT5 (Ø80 Inch)
  • Wheel (rear): HP Velotechnik 26" 
  • Tire (rear): 62-559 26"x 2.40 Schwalbe Super Moto X
  • Damp (rear): Manitou McLeod (65 x 15 Inch)

Additional features

High sitting position (good "seeing" and "being seen").
• Connecting frame part at the driver is well suited for receiving bike bottles; accessories and interactive devices, such as mobile phones or navigation devices.
• Many pannier rag fixtures
• Recuperation of the drive to regenerate the energy in the battery and as a brake support or relief of the disc brakes