Recumbent Pedelec "TWOgether 2"

Specifications and additional features

Application: Travelling; Short trips; Daily use


  • Overall length:                                             180  cm
  • Overall heigth:                                             125  cm
  • Seat heigth:                                                  65 cm
  • Wheelbase:                                                  106 cm
  • Bottom bracket- upside mounted:                   64 cm
  • Bike Weigth:                                                 34 kg



  • Hub motor for front wheel: Heinzmann Direct Power PRA 180-25
  • Hub gear: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 Nabe CC 36h (red eloxed)
  • Brake (front): Shimano XT Ø180mm
  • Wheel (front): 20"
  • Tire (front): Schwalbe Energizer Plus
  • Suspension fork: Spinner Grind 2
  • Handlebar: ICE Sprint
  • Headset: Hase Pino
  • Stem: CONTEC "Comfort One",1 1/8", adjustable, 31,8 mm
  • Brake (rear): Shimano XT Ø200mm
  • Wheel (rear): 26" 
  • Tire (rear): Schwalbe Marathon Plus
  • Damp (rear): 2x Suntour RS9 Epicon
    LOD 190x50mm

Additional features

High sitting position (good "seeing" and "being seen").
• Connecting frame part at the driver is well suited for receiving bike bottles; accessories and interactive devices, such as mobile phones or navigation devices.
• Many pannier rag fixtures
• Recuperation of the drive to regenerate the energy in the battery and as a brake support or relief of the disc brakes

Transport bags on  longer bike rides

The single recumbent creates with this variant almost or, at least 100 liters of stowage space.

Very good and sufficient for multi-day tours or a cycling holiday.

On the boom, where the tandem part is attached, you could attach a shelter against wind and weather.