Cargo Bike "TWOgether"

Since July 2016 expandable to Cargo Bike by an additional Box

Specifications and additional features

The tandem can also be converted to a cargo bike in just a few steps and without any tools. Only mount the box instead of the rear stoker seat ...

Application: Daily use; Shopping; Courier services; Transports of all kinds with individual adjustment also for children transport.

The box has 129 liters of volume at only 7.2 kg in weight. It consists of aluminum-dibond (composite material) panels with an aluminum profile framework. It is attached to the frame at 3 points - in the front of the box is bolted to the bottle holder of the frame, below it is attached with the click system of the tandem seat and the back with the quick release, which also holds the tandem seat. The brackets are not only force-fitted but also form-fitted.

Aerodynamic advantage over other cargo bikes: The cargo disappears behind the driver (see picture above left)!

Several eyelets are attached to the bottom for different lashing options of the load. The following pictures (without batteries) show Details.

Specification correspondend to the Tandem (Klick here)

Gigantic luggage volumes

The cargo bike transports with this variant 226 liters (box 129 liters, bags about 100 liters). That's as much as the contents of a 3-4 suitcase set! So you can make a good world trip alone


Rear-wheel suspension