TWOgether = "All in One"                                Tandem + Recumbent + Cargo Bike + Tricycle

PROTOTYP (handmade) - What this bike can do ...

Recumbent Tandem Pedelec TWOgether
Recumbent Tandem Pedelec TWOgether


This full suspension tandem consists of identical parts of the main frame (two or more main frame parts) which are connected by three clamping levers. The stop point of the rear damping performs the dual function as a frame connection to the framework behind it. The design offers many possibilities of modifications.



• Can be used as a recumbent tandem and is quickly convertible to a single recumbent (possible- with but also without electric drive).

• Quickly divided in halves and still separately rollable for transport by railway or divisible for transport by car. Retrofitting: No tools required for conversion!

• E-front wheel drive with regenerative braking (regenerative feedback into the battery while engine braking when traveling downhill), rear Rohloff hub gear, so: TWOwheel drive.
• Optimal load distribution through front wheel drive and battery rack

• Ideally suited as a travel bike. A sturdy carrier with multiple attachment points allows the entrainment of multiple bags for trips.

• By using the same main frame parts, it is possible by retrofitting to build a second recumbent single from the recumbent tandem or in other words, from two recumbent bikes, a recumbent tandem can be build.

• Robust yet lightweight stainless steel design.


What else could be done in addition?:


• Installation of various steering systems (e.g. above seat as Tiller or under seat steering). Direct and indirect steering handlebars through.

• By construction and mounting, appropriate devices on the main frame the tandem for the child and / or load transport (Infant / loads of the back or front) can be.

• In addition, the tandem to the main frame parts can be extended to a triplet and expanded even more...

• By design targeted use of hinges the tandem except the separation could be folded more.

• Rear damping also prepared for each damper.


Single Recumbent Pedelec TWOgether
Single Recumbent Pedelec TWOgether
Cargo Recumbent Pedelec TWOgether
Cargo Recumbent Pedelec TWOgether