TWOgether Bikes...purpose-built

I'm looking for manufacturers worldwide who want to aquire and market my know-how!

Recumbent and Recumbent Tandem

Recumbent TWOgether Co. Pedelec
Recumbent TWOgether Co. Pedelec
Recumbent Tandem TWOgether Co. Pedelec
Recumbent Tandem TWOgether Co. Pedelec

Handmade  and patented Bicycles

These prototype (here on the photos a individual customized edition) bicycles were self-made, high-quality manufactured and equipped. They are patented. I'm still looking for licensees who want to manufactured the bikes and (also Marketing) all over the world. The bicycle frame parts are very well suited for a small series production. The Bicycle are convertible and also individually usable as recumbent or Tandem! The amazing  bicycles are visually very appealing and will certainly appeal to a special buyer.

I also offer the bicycles as props for film, television, media and for off-the-shelf advertising! ....Make me an offer...

Stuttgart fair "(Morgenmacher) Maker Festival" 2019_11_21
Stuttgart fair "(Morgenmacher) Maker Festival" 2019_11_21

Brand new Models TWOgether Co.

Bicycle Kits from TWOgether co.

Recumbent TWOgether Co. - Kit

Tandem TWOgether Co. - Kit

Youtube TWOgether Co. Recumbent

AWARDS for TWOgether Bikes at the Taiwan Innotech Expo in Taipei from 27.-29.Sept. 2018 (Platinum AWARD and Prominent Invention Award)

TWOgether Bikes at iENA 2017 of the most important International Trade Fair for "Ideas, Inventions, New Products

iENA 2017 - TWOgether Bikes will have a small stand of the Community stand Artur Fischer Erfinder Preis of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek.

On 02.11. and 03.11. will be only specialist visits days, 04.11 and 05.11. will be public days from 9:30 am.

Conversion from Recumbent to Tandem Bicycle...